Casye Project

CASYE (Cultural and Social Youth Entrepreneurship) project aims at supporting youth entrepreneurship in the creative sector through the development and piloting a social economy model, with an emphasis on empowering young people with fewer opportunities (social obstacles, geographical obstacles and/or economic obstacles).

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CASYE project Infocard

For the CASYE project we are partnering with organisations from UK, Spain, Belgium and Italy, where we created an Infocard to inform young people, local, regional and national authorities working

CASYE interviews Kanepes Cultural Center

For the CASYE (Cultural and Social Youth Entrepreneurship) project, we have started mapping the good practices of social enterprises in the creative and cultural sector, created by young people.  Being

CASYE participates in the Social Innovation Campus 2021

On 3 February 2021, The CASYE (Cultural and Social Youth Entrepreneurship) project took part at the Social Innovation Campus 2021.  CASYE project presented during the workshop, Next Generation: Young people